2D Photo Montage Service

  • Photo Slideshow with Music
  • Documentary Style
  • Ken Burns Effects

Suitable for any celebrative events.

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MIS 2d Photo Slideshow Service

A slideshow video or a 2D photo montage is a video that meets certain standards (higher frame rates per sec) to qualify it as a video rather than a slideshow created with PowerPoint or other presentation programs. This is done with video editing applications (NTSC, PAL or SECAM) that edit and encode the sequence and interlace it with audio to make a video clip. The images can be manipulated to produce a sense of motion. One of the most commonly used technique is called Ken Burns, which is a type of pan-and-zoom effect used in video production from still imagery. We use this technique to help you create a perfect montage. Slideshows made with presentation apps (e.g. MS PowerPoint or Flash etc.) are not slideshow videos. That type of slideshow is simply a sequence of images displayed at certain intervals with some simple transition effects.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A music photo slideshow surpasses even a picture’s worth. We create photo montage videos and DVDs from your pictures, slides, and other media materials (music, voiceovers and videos). Relive your memories with a custom music slideshow.

It is the perfect way to either tell a story or express yourself and celebrate in numerous special events.

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Watch a 2D Photo Slideshow

2D Photo Montage Demo

2D vs 3D Photo Montage

2D Photo Montage Demo

3D Photomontage in Digital Frame

3d Photo Montage Clip in a Digital Photo Frame

This is beautiful!! Just perfect!! The quality is great!
- Jeniffer L, CA