Photo Montage Services

2D vs 3D Photo Montage

  • 2D Photo Montage
    - Documentary Style
  • 2D+1 = 3D Photo Montage
    - 3D Animation Style

3D Photo Montage - Add 1 extra
DIMENSION to your precious memories.

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3D Photo Montage

MIS 3d Photo Montage Service

In contrast to the 2D Photo Montage, our 3D Photo Montage service utilizes a technique similar to 3D animation to create a motion background amidst still pictures. Read more for both more information and samples of this service.

2D Photo Montage

MIS 2d Photo Slideshow Service

Memory Imprint Studio can create high-end music and photo slideshows to help preserve your precious memories for eternity. These 2D photo montages can be used for any occasion and can be tailored to fit your needs. Read more to get information on how we create these montages and more.

2D vs 3D Photo Montage

2D Photo Montage Demo

3D Photomontage in Digital Frame

3d Photo Montage Clip in a Digital Photo Frame

This is beautiful!! Just perfect!! The quality is great!
- Jeniffer L, CA