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2D vs 3D Photo Montage

  • 2D Photo Montage
    - Documentary Style
  • 2D+1 = 3D Photo Montage
    - 3D Animation Style

3D Photo Montage - Add 1 extra
DIMENSION to your precious memories.

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3D Photo Montage

MIS 3d Photo Montage Service

3D Photomontage (or photo montage) employs the similar concept as in 3D animation. The still images are rendered in a seamless 3D motion graphic background.

In a 3D photo montage video, images are often reproduced into layer and replaced into a 3D space. Check out some of our 3D photomontage samples. Explore our 3D photomontage website or Youtube channel for more creative 3D photo montages.

2D Photo Montage

MIS 2d Photo Slideshow Service

Slideshow video or 2D photo photomontage are video meeting certain standard (higher frame rates per sec). Some video editing applications are needed in order to edit and encode the sequence interlaced with audio into a video clip (NTSC, PAL or SECAM). The images can be manipulated to produce a sense of motion. One of most commonly used technique is called Ken Burns, which is a type of pan-and-zoom effect used in video production from still imagery. Slideshow made with some presentation Appz (e.g. MS PowerPoint or Flash etc.) are not slideshow video. The type of slideshow is a sequence of images displayed at a certain interval with some simple transition effects.

3D Photomontage in Digital Frame

3d Photo Montage Clip in a Digital Photo Frame

2D vs 3D Photo Montage

2D Photo Montage Demo
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