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MIS Photo Restoration Services with Memory Imprint Studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California (909)248-4647

Our photo restoration service repairs or retouches your damaged photographs, negatives, slides and digital images. As a part of our photo restoration or photo retouch services, we adjust contrast, sharpness, and color levels, erase scratches, replace missing or damaged areas, remove water damage, and smooth out wrinkles. We will create the best possible result without damaging your originals. We serve minor, moderate, major and extreme photo restoration needs of which details are shown below.

Minor Photo Restoration

Minor photo restoration includes removing scratches, minor stains, adding sharpness, and restoring the background.

Moderate Photo Restoration

Moderate photo restoration includes repairing damaged areas, removing minor blemishes, and restoring tone and detail.

Major Photo Restoration

Major photo restoration includes removing lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, and restoring tone and detail.

Extreme Photo Restoration

Extreme photo restoration includes removing of lettering and large creases, repairing torn edges and major holes in photos, reconstructing large missing pieces, and restoring tone and detail.

Memory Imprint Studio Photo Restoration Services

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Those retouched photos are great! What a difference, very nice! ( I showed my coworker) She didn’t even recognize me:)
- Shelia K, CA

3D Photomontage in Digital Frame

3d Photo Montage Clip in a Digital Photo Frame